February 19, 2012

48th Merciless Model - Jacqui Jurisch

Jacqui Jurisch
(48th Merciless Model - February 19, 2012)

I'm an aspiring alternative model because girls with piercing and tattoos are beautiful too and need to be recognized as serious models. 
I'm currently studying journalism and wish to become a well known journalist, I love rock music and need my nails painted black, and my hair dyed different colours. I'm a fun loving person but mess with friends or family or the ones I love, the little doberman inside will rise.

CREDITS: I would like to thank Sash at Emalyth Mayfair, without her accepting me as one of her models I wouldn't be the person I am today and doing the type of modeling I love to do. The Emalyth clan is an amazing family and I thank them too

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