April 3, 2011

4th Merciless Model - NaTyMeTaL

(4th Merciless Model - April 3, 2011)
Well my name is Natalia but everybody calls me Naty or i am also know as NaTyMeTaL. I am from the little country, Costa Rica And i am a chocolate and a coffee addict lol, I'm studying graphic design, so i love doing banners and edits I am a friendly and sweet girl that loves Metal music a lot, it's my passion, i love promoting bands and stuff like that, always supporting the metal scene Also i love going to gigs, parties, hanging out with my friends, edit pics, listen music, eat, i love piercings, tattoos, photography.

I am An Alternative Model, i started modeling since 2008, i have worked with several magazines, ezines, T-Shirt Companies, Bands, modeling their merch, promotional photos, interviews, etc, you can see my work in my Fan Page So if u wanna know me more or wanna work with me, feel free to contact me! I dont bite


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