December 11, 2011

38th Merciless Model - Quinn SinKitten

Quinn SinKitten
(38th Merciless Model - December 11, 2011)

I have been modeling since 2003 and attended Barbazon Modeling School. I can do runway and print. I'm an all types model. I focus mainly on cyberpunk, cybergoth, punk, goth, fetish, morbid and dark photo shoots. I am working more on some bright, colorful, light, soft, and sensual photo shoots.

I am open to creativity. If you have any odd or new ideas you would like to try out, I will probably be willing to try it. I love elaborate costumes, hair and makeup. I am very flexible and adaptable.

I attend The Asylum every Sunday night. It is a goth/industrial/EBM dance club and bar. Every week I make and wear a new outfit. I also show off my dreadfalls, which I make and sell. I put a lot of effort into my outfits and I would love to do more shoots in them. Let me know if you are interested in shooting some of my club wear.


Contact Information:
Quinn SinKitten Call/Text: 916.761.7100 [Unlimited Text]

I have flexible rates: $25/hour or a flat rate, including time for makeup and hair. I may accept trades, depending on assignment. I love to do TFMMVIP!

If you would like to work with me, please message or email me, answering the following questions:
1. What is the theme and location of the shoot?
2. Date, time and shoot length?
3. Will hair, MUA, and wardrobe be provided?
4. Will expenses be paid for travel?
5. What compensation will be provided?

I am an amateur makeup artist. I can do my own makeup and hair, if you'd like but I love working with others. I have been doing my creative makeup for a few years now but now I am branching off and spreading my talents to others.

I make and sell dreadfalls: Multicolored synthetic hair made into dreads and put on hair pieces to be reusable. I love to have them in my shoots, but of course that is not a must. In my experience, many photographers love the look and like to incorporate them into shoots. Message me if you are interested in purchasing some or having some made. Prices vary.

I prefer to have music at photo shoots to inspire moods and creativity but it is not required.

I have a detailed list of my own photo shoot theme ideas I would love to do. If you would like to look over the list, just send me your email address. If you see any that spark your interest, I can reserve them for you.

I have 18 piercings: 6 in each ear, eyebrow, nose, both sides of my lip: snakebites, tongue, and belly button. I am also planning on getting a Monroe piercing.

I have a few tattoos and plan on getting more: Dragon wings on my shoulder blades A Triquetra on the inner curve of my right hip A Celtic heart on the inner curve of my left hip A tiny dragon on my right ankle

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