January 29, 2012

45th Merciless Model - Betty Ghoul

Betty Ghoul
(45th Merciless Model - January 29, 2012)

Eyes: dark blue
Hair: black .... short, left side completely shaved. 
Piercings: 2 in each ear, septum, 2 dimmple piercings.
Tattoos: left ankle, left foot, right calve, left thigh, hips, leftside ribs
Dress size:28
Pants size: 28
Shoe size: 6

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January 22, 2012

44th Merciless Model - Anny Japann

Mistress Nightshade
(44th Merciless Model - January 22, 2012)

Length: 1.67m
Weight: 55kg
Sizes: 32C-Bust 30-Hips
Hair: Short, Black, Undercut (Can be hidden)
Eyes: Brown
Skintone: Light Olive

Ears stretched 8mm
Tattoos: Left Arm - Mermaid and anchor (half sleeve in progress)
Right Wrist - Cross and text
Left Wrist - Text
Back - Tribal (To be covered up)
Thigh - Two headed swan
Hips (both) - Shaded stars
Feet (both) - Text KissKiss BangBang I do

Alternative shoots, Boudoir shoots, Lingerie shoots, Nude/Suggestive shoots, Pin-Up shoots, Portraits On-site modelling, Loads of studio experience, Ramp work/Catwalks

Im fairly new in the modeling scene, but I love what Im doing and im extremely passionate about it. I'm working so so hard to make a name for myself out there, and so far all my hard work has payed off.

When I'm not modelling I work at a pretty cool rock pub where I meet new people by the dosens, party like a maniac and dance like a ninja.
I like cartoons, chocolates (or any type of candy for that matter), Japan, making new friends, eyeliner, modelling, tattoos (gots myself a mean collection of ink going) animals, MUSIC

I don't like bitchy, selfish or egotistical people. I try my absolute best to be nice to all my fans, all the people I meet and pretty much any person around me for that matter, so I don't appreciate mean comments or haters bustin' my floooow

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January 15, 2012

43rd Merciless Model - Bailey Benton

Bailey Benton
(43rd Merciless Model - January 15, 2012)

"Bailey Benton - hailing from Cornwall, UK - is a happy little bundle of victorian, steampunk, vampish, ghoulish, gothic joy! As well as alternative, she is a plus model and loves exaggerating her curves with a good corset! Dealing with all things different and alternative, she will try any idea once. Bailey has had great success this year having been published numerous times (including a feature in the magazine Alt Fashion) and has worked with names such as Pyretta Blaze as well as a shoot in the pipeline with Collette Von Tora!
Bailey has nothing but high hopes for the future."

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January 8, 2012

42nd Merciless Model - Amber Foxx

Amber Foxx
(42nd Merciless Model - January 8, 2012)

I go by the name of Amber Foxx. Currently I'm in disguise infiltrating my way through the system in Leicester.

I love pushing my body to the limits, running, pumping iron and kickboxing. I like to hideout in the gym getting hot and sweaty.
I love music, ebm, electro, industrial and cyber goth. Take me to the club.
I love modelling, showing my creativity and unleashing my kick ass attitude.
My favourite foods are sushi, wasabi peas, haribo and the coconut wheels in liqourice all sorts
My most hated foods are mushrooms, butter and cake

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January 1, 2012

41st Merciless Model - Roselynd Alexsandra

Roselynd Alexsandra
(41st Merciless Model - January 1, 2012)

I'm a Devon/Cornwall UK Pin-up model/Burlesque Dancer

matt elliot photography, lady alluras latex, catchlitesglamour, optima photography, vivt, tony pattinson photography, nic randall

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