April 25, 2012

57th Merciless Model - Jenny Jackknife

Jenny Jackknife
(57th Merciless Model - April 22, 2012)

Jenny Jackknife is a semi-professional model from the Chicago area. A bubbly eccentric girl with a love for art, music, writing and creating, Jenny has a wide variety of photos and has been modeling for about three years.

Despite the unique image she has created for herself over the years including tattoos and piercings, there are no limitations to who Jenny can be during a shoot.
In addition to modeling, Jenny is a licensed cosmetologist with experience in hair and makeup, and has done her own for most photo shoots.

Additional contact information: jenniferbraden@rocketmail.com

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56th Merciless Model - Kelley Nymph

Kelley Nymph
(56th Merciless Model - April 15, 2012)

Kelley Nymph is an alternative model based in the Baltimore/DC metro area. Has been in the modeling scene for three years now and shot with photographers from home in the USA and abroad in Japan. A model with diverse interests and looks, Kelley Nymph is a versatile model capable of many looks and much to offer including skills in makeup artistry and styling.

Kelley Nymph is also a writer and has her own blog about her modeling and other adventures and interests.

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55th Merciless Model - Lovely Lady Kissa

Lovely Lady Kissa
(55th Merciless Model - April 8, 2012)

My modeling name is Lovely Lady Kissa. I started Lovely Lady Juggalos in 2007 and hence have a few ladies with the name "lovely lady" at the beginning, which is AWESOME!
I have been modeling for a few years. I try to do many different types of modeling, including making a lot of bold fashion statements. I occasionally do my own radio show, I am working on a hair and clothing line and I'm pretty much the coolest chicka you will EVER meet! I have been in two different music videos, so far, and there is no "limit" to my goals. I believe you only live once, so I think you should reach the stars and see how many stars it takes to fill your hello kitty backpack! =^_^= (TOTAL HELLO KITTY FANATIC)

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April 1, 2012

54th Merciless Model - Punky Spunky

Punky Spunky
(54th Merciless Model - April 1, 2012)

Aspiring alternative model, my real name is Tarryn Holman but i go by Punky Spunky.
Pole dancing is my passion, one day be a pole dancing instructor or even open my own burlesque club with classy pole dancers! I love music its my life, anything punk, ska alternative rock. I only read vampire novels. If the world was black and pink I'd be over the moon with joy!
Tattoos and piercings are my weakness!

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