February 26, 2012

49th Merciless Model - Bianca Cassandra Meyer

Bianca Cassandra Meyer
(49th Merciless Model - February 26, 2012)

City: Cape Town- South Africa
contact no: 0768977977
Age: 20
Height: 152.2
Bust/Chest: 32B
waist: 28
eye colour: blue/green
Hair colour: brown
Shoe size: 4 1/2 to 5

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February 19, 2012

48th Merciless Model - Jacqui Jurisch

Jacqui Jurisch
(48th Merciless Model - February 19, 2012)

I'm an aspiring alternative model because girls with piercing and tattoos are beautiful too and need to be recognized as serious models. 
I'm currently studying journalism and wish to become a well known journalist, I love rock music and need my nails painted black, and my hair dyed different colours. I'm a fun loving person but mess with friends or family or the ones I love, the little doberman inside will rise.

CREDITS: I would like to thank Sash at Emalyth Mayfair, without her accepting me as one of her models I wouldn't be the person I am today and doing the type of modeling I love to do. The Emalyth clan is an amazing family and I thank them too

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February 12, 2012

47th Merciless Model - Lucretia

(47th Merciless Model - February 12, 2012)

I'm a semi-professional model willing to do a broad spectrum of styles and interested in creating some 'eye-opening' shots! I've a good understanding of BDSM, fetish and gothic lifestyle. However, I am always willing to broaden my horizons and work on different types of projects.

My look is particularly suited to fetish, erotic, alt glamour, gothic, horror, burlesque and pin-up shoots. I'm very open-minded and willing to try almost anything to get the right shot. Not much shocks or phases me so don't be afraid to suggest strange ideas!

I am very easy to get on with and not at all pretentious, arrogant or aggressive. I like to work with people of a similar nature. I'm tactile and open to direction. I do not mind being preened and pulled about into different poses (I'm no diva and will not winge) and can hold a pose for a while when needed.

I have an extensive wardrobe (no words of a lie! Just ask the people I have worked with!) I have plenty of props/accessories and I am able to do my own make-up to a high standard.

******Body mods and scars******

I have 9 tattoos, 7 relatively small tattoos and a larger one on each upper arm. My piercings can be removed.

Please note - I have a C-section scar which is not visible unless doing nude work. It is easily removed with photoshop.


I do not believe in charging the earth and keep my rates reasonable. I am open to offers of TFCD but will only accept them if I think the images will add something different or fantastic to my portfolio. Please do not be offended if I decline your offer or tell you my rates.

I am a regular model at - http://www.dieselpunkstudios.co.uk/

******Shoots I am keen to do******

- G/G- Rope bondage- Fetish- Spanking- Fairytale- Horror- Fantasy- Water- Cosplay- Anything muddy/grubby!

I am keen to be published and featured on websites so would appreciate any help or input regarding that.

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February 5, 2012

46th Merciless Model - Melissa Drew

Melissa Drew
(46th Merciless Model - February 5, 2012)

I'm a twenty-one year old alternative model from Northern California located about two hours North of San Francisco. My style throughout the years has mostly been inspired by Japanese pop culture and the underground gothic scene. I enjoy genres such as visual kei, kawaii, gothic, lolita, steampunk, pin-up, and fantasy. I'm outgoing, smart, adventurous, sweet, and I love to travel.

Favorite music and bands: Moi Dix Mois, Malice Mizer, Kozi, Angelspit, Dir En Grey, Sage Francis, Tool, Psyclon Nine, Massive Attack, NineInch Nails

Favorite Movies: Lost in Translation, Blue Velvet, Battle Royale, A Tale of Two Sisters, Kamikaze Girls

Favorite Books: Anything by Koji Suzuki, Lisa See, Chuck Palahniuk

Heroes: I do not have one.

Why are you an alternative model?: I love being able to recreatemyself over and over again and to make new visually appearing art.Goals: Travel the world, stay happy.

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