April 10, 2011

5th Merciless Model - Jo Pentacore


Jo Pentacore 
(5th Merciless Model - April 10, 2011)

I’m a lady who’s totally and completely in love with the camera, whether I’m in front or behind it. I mainly do Alternative Modelling on a professional level. I’m an official LT Model and an Emalyth Mayfair Model. I was also announced the 5th Merciless Model a while ago and now work as one of the administrators for Merciless Models.
I’ve been featured in Vixxen Magazine February 2011 Issue; http://issuu.com/avamonroe/docs/vixxen_issue_13_february_2011
The best of VividTraining Magazine;

Concerning personality traits: I’m a fairly approachable person. I keep my professional career apart from my personal life. I know what I want in in and around life, though some people mistake it for hard-headed-ness, which is not the case. I write as well. I’m completely eccentric and get most of my inspiration from the sisters of CocoRosie.
“Creativity is our religion” - CocoRosie

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