May 28, 2012

61st Merciless Model - Acid Bitch

Acid Bitch
(61st Merciless Model - May 20, 2012)

I'm 21 years old and enjoy anything from corsetry, anything 1940's inspired as I think women back then had sophistication and I adore the era of the pin-up girl, gothic/victorian beauty shots, snakes as I collect snakes and have 7 at the moment some are due to be in shoots with me.

I'm a huge gore/horror fanatic and love anything that will make me wanting more blood and guts. I'm interested in serial killers and their history as I collect dvds and books and information and such. I have 6 tatt's and 4 piercings I'm planning on getting more tatts.. tastefully done of course.

Also in a dance troupe for Mamma*s Kittens Burlesque Division
Burlesque Name: Miss De Morgue

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