May 28, 2012

58th Merciless Model - Catalyst

(58th Merciless Model - April 29, 2012)

My name is Catalyst and I am a model, currently based in the North West. I am interested in working with photographers, models and other creative individuals with varying levels of experience. I welcome any ideas, and am looking for people to help me create some beautiful, innovative and thought provoking images.

I love working on themed shoots and experimenting with props and costumes, as well as interacting with the environment on simpler location based shoots. Anybody who would like to work with me, please get in touch, I'd love to hear your ideas and maybe you can bring some of mine to life too! Inbox me for rates. I'm also happy to work TF, so please ask

Generally, I will not shoot nude - this include topless. I will shoot implied nude, as well as artistic, but I am highly unlikely to accept a shoot of nudity for nudity's sake. If there is a particular image you are trying to achieve or concept you would like to convey, then I will of course, consider it, so send me a message and please do not be offended if I do not feel I would be suitable for the shoot.

I have 3 tattoos: a tribal piece on my lower back, a pin up girl on my left thigh, and a phoenix stretching from my mid calf to just under my ribs on my right side.

I also have a tongue stud, snakebites, my left eyebrow pierced twice and both my ears pierced twice at the bottom (studs in left ear, 10mm tunnel and stud in right ear)

I recently shaved my head for charity and will continue to be almost bald for the forseeable future, though I am more than happy to wear wigs if you require that I have longer hair for a shoot.

I'm based in Liverpool, but am more than happy to travel if you have a particular location in mind for a shoot.

If you have any ideas that you would like to discuss then please inbox me Thanks

Please Note: I will always be accompanied by a chaperone on shoots with photographers I do not personally know/have not worked with before. This chaperone will not be somebody who will interfere with the shoot in any way, as I will find that as distracting as you will.

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