April 25, 2012

55th Merciless Model - Lovely Lady Kissa

Lovely Lady Kissa
(55th Merciless Model - April 8, 2012)

My modeling name is Lovely Lady Kissa. I started Lovely Lady Juggalos in 2007 and hence have a few ladies with the name "lovely lady" at the beginning, which is AWESOME!
I have been modeling for a few years. I try to do many different types of modeling, including making a lot of bold fashion statements. I occasionally do my own radio show, I am working on a hair and clothing line and I'm pretty much the coolest chicka you will EVER meet! I have been in two different music videos, so far, and there is no "limit" to my goals. I believe you only live once, so I think you should reach the stars and see how many stars it takes to fill your hello kitty backpack! =^_^= (TOTAL HELLO KITTY FANATIC)

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