July 24, 2011

18th Merciless Model - Countess Havok

Countess Havok
(18th Merciless Model - July 24, 2011)

I am Countess Havok, an alternative model from Cape Town, South Africa. I have only been modeling for almost 3 years, but fell in love with it after my very first shoot. South Africa is probably the most challenging place for an alternative girl to try and start a career in modeling as there is no market for it here at all. This is the reason why I have never been paid for a shoot. Looking at the alt modeling industry today, it really saddens me that most girls feel the need to do sleazy and distasteful nudes in order to make a name for themselves. It is for this reason that I admire the classy alternative ladies such as Ulorin Vex, Lady Amaranth, Viktoria Modesta and even the lovely Miserere. 

I am a very quiet type of girl and often very shy. I love reading, watching movies, drawing, writing, dancing, acting, dressing up, being onstage and playing around with make-up. I love music and listen to mainly black metal with bits of a large variety of other musical genres thrown in as well. I have an obsession with collecting corsets and Iron Fist heels and believe that there is no other beauty like that of the classic Hollywood actresses such as Audrey Hepburn, Vivienne Leigh and the like. I am also a big animal-lover with a special soft spot for cats and am fascinated with tattoos as an art form. 

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