January 22, 2012

44th Merciless Model - Anny Japann

Mistress Nightshade
(44th Merciless Model - January 22, 2012)

Length: 1.67m
Weight: 55kg
Sizes: 32C-Bust 30-Hips
Hair: Short, Black, Undercut (Can be hidden)
Eyes: Brown
Skintone: Light Olive

Ears stretched 8mm
Tattoos: Left Arm - Mermaid and anchor (half sleeve in progress)
Right Wrist - Cross and text
Left Wrist - Text
Back - Tribal (To be covered up)
Thigh - Two headed swan
Hips (both) - Shaded stars
Feet (both) - Text KissKiss BangBang I do

Alternative shoots, Boudoir shoots, Lingerie shoots, Nude/Suggestive shoots, Pin-Up shoots, Portraits On-site modelling, Loads of studio experience, Ramp work/Catwalks

Im fairly new in the modeling scene, but I love what Im doing and im extremely passionate about it. I'm working so so hard to make a name for myself out there, and so far all my hard work has payed off.

When I'm not modelling I work at a pretty cool rock pub where I meet new people by the dosens, party like a maniac and dance like a ninja.
I like cartoons, chocolates (or any type of candy for that matter), Japan, making new friends, eyeliner, modelling, tattoos (gots myself a mean collection of ink going) animals, MUSIC

I don't like bitchy, selfish or egotistical people. I try my absolute best to be nice to all my fans, all the people I meet and pretty much any person around me for that matter, so I don't appreciate mean comments or haters bustin' my floooow

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