November 13, 2011

34th Merciless Model - Becki Boo

Becki Boo
(34th Merciless Model - November 13, 2011)

I tried out for John Casablanca when I was 11 and I got a call back only for them to tell me that I was not model material. (kinda broke my little heart)
Then I started sewing and set up my Clothing line in 2008. It's called 'ToxXxic' Alternative clothing, I havent sold much yet but I have a bunch of designs, hopefully get it up and running this winter.

I started professionally/freelance modeling in July of 2008 after I graduated High School. Ran away to be a Carnie. Dropped approx. 30 pounds. Came back and modeled some more with a few local photographers (Cape Cod). Published my first Novel, 'Robinson' in March of this year. My next novel is on its way to publication now.

Now I'm just hoping I can make a career out of alt. modeling and one day get into acting.

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